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How Spark Dental Marketing Generates More Patient Leads

CASE study

Hickory Dental Care Case Study

Leading dental care can be found at Hickory Dental Care in Hickory, North Carolina. Their readiness to expand and use marketing to draw in new patients has assisted them in growing their presence. They are dedicated to giving their patients the finest service possible in a welcoming setting.

Hickory Dental Care is a leading dental practice in Hickory, North Carolina. Their willingness to grow and bring in new patients through marketing has helped them increase their presence. They are committed to providing their patients with the best care in a pleasant environment.


One-time Revenue Increase


Lifetime Revenue Increase


Increase in Phone Calls


Increase in Website Visitors

Client's Review

Since we began using Spark Dental Marketing, we have continuously seen a return on our investment. We have gotten 100% Plus ROI for the past two quarters.

There wasn’t much effort to be made in explanation, the team knows exactly how to suffice clients. They have a thorough understanding of our line of work as an expert in occupational health.

Project Challenges

The leads were stagnating and required a boost. The page rankings needed updating and were harming sales. The site needed to be changed to eliminate the prior dentist.

Project Challenges
Project Phases

Changes to Website Design

The prior dentist on-site was removed, and they were edited out of the advertisement.


Setting up a tracking system for ROI and conversions.

To be able to evaluate our SEO and social media efforts, set up analytics, search console, and call monitoring.


SEO Solutions

Monthly blog post creation, citation management, GMB optimization, and brand optimization using technical, on-site, and off-site SEO.

Spark Dental Marketing
Spark Dental Marketing assisted in generating $27,200 in one-time income from new patients throughout the first year. That amounts to a 59% interest return. This money may total $544k throughout the course of the patients’ lives, or a 3082% return on investment. How did we arrive at these figures? We calculate the practice’s average patient value and assign it to the leads we generate for them using our tactics. It is difficult to determine how long a patient stays at a single practice, but on average, it is 20 years. We increase the practice’s annual output value by the typical length of stay for a patient.

We also noticed a 300% spike in phone calls to the office and a 311% rise in first-time callers as a result of the leads that were flowing in.

An 85% rise in page ranks for their top 10 keywords coincided with a 79% increase in website views.


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