Whether buying products from Amazon or visiting a dentist for oral health issues, one factor that we always rely on is the reviews and testimonials given on the website. It’s with no doubt that we give credence to others’ experiences regarding a particular product or visiting a specific dental practice for better solutions. In order for your dental practice to have that connection with the patients it is essential to include testimonials on your dental website. Adding testimonials is a great way to build trust while showcasing your authentic patient’s services and results.
Following are the reasons why you should consider incorporating patient testimonials to build credibility on your dental website.

The Impact of Individual Narratives:
You might think that patient testimonials are just two to three lines of a paragraph written, however, the role of testimonials is much more than that. These are stories of actual people that sound appealing to clients. When someone recommends your practice it shows how excellent your services are and how well managed your dental practice is. It also highlights your expertise in the field of oral health and additionally, the care you provide and offer to your patients making them feel at home and in safe hands. Incorporating testimonials would show your patient’s arduous path strewn with obstacles to your effortless voyage devoid of hurdles. Have you ever read symptoms of a disease related to the same condition you’re facing? In the same manner, when patients read these testimonials they can relate to these actual personal stories of people, weighing the testimonial more.

We live in an era where everything has been made easy for us. Technology has made everything available at our fingertips. From shopping for international brands to shopping for your groceries, everything is available online. However, this does not reduce the risk of scams. Hundreds and thousands of people are scammed through these online platforms. A solution to this problem is to add testimonials which would help to build patients’ trust in your practice before even giving it a visit. No matter how much you pay marketing agencies for your advertisement to attract targeted consumers, the impact that an actual testimonial from a patient would make wouldn’t be possible in any other way. Including these endorsements on your website and other social media platforms would give you the leverage to stand out from your competitors while building trust with patients.

Bidding farewell to anxiety or fear:
Human beings are created in a way that they fear before an operation, surgery, or any new experiences in life which by the way is pretty normal. But what if we tell you there’s a secret to reducing this stress faced by patients in a way you have never thought of or probably ignored?by adding testimonials? Yes! You heard it right. Not only would you be able to build patients’ trust and make them feel at home through the endorsements on your website additionally you also have the power to reduce their anxiety after reading phrases like We had a pain-free treatment, gentle treatment, etc. Comforting words are the fundamental method of building the trust and credibility of newly attracted patients towards your service.

Improving SEO:
We all dream of having an online presence that is noted by everybody in the market. Our ultimate goal when it comes to e-commerce is for our website to rank at the top of search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. Including any sort of testimonials, whether negative or positive, plays a vital role in improving and enhancing a website’s overall search engine ranking(SEO). This is because those testimonials by default include important keywords and phrases that a patient may use when searching for the best dental practice within the area or city. This way your dental practice would not only be ranked in a better position than before but additionally it would also be introduced to new patients.

Smooth less path for adding testimonials:
You should make sure that your website contains a section where people could easily place their testimonials rather than some manual or hard process for them to undergo as this would make the patient frustrated and eventually, they would end up giving nothing except a few stars. In addition to this, always make sure to take patients’ permission before posting their testimonials and verify that the testimonials posted are real.

How to effectively make use of testimonials on your website or social media platforms:
Once you’re done with gathering testimonials your next step is to make effective use of them by posting them. This could be done in several ways along several different places.
1. Ask your marketing team to make a separate page for testimonials where you could place the testimonials and videos or pictures of the patients or you can tell them to display the testimonials once your website is opened. You can also make use of tools such as a review tracker that assist you in collecting testimonials decreasing the overall workload of your team as well.
2. Instagram and Facebook have options for posting more than 1 picture. Make effective use of this and add testimonials attached with before and after pictures of satisfied patients. This would bring in new patients and would attract a wider range of audience as well.
3. Include these testimonials in your e-mail by putting them in the form of flyers or postcards. Pick a catchy headline and incorporate these testimonials. Moreover, add a call-to-action (CTA) for a smooth and robust experience of scheduling appointments with your dental practice.
4. Include them in blog posts created for your website that would make a significant impact in bringing change and drastically improving your website’s visibility.

Spark Dental Marketing is here to assist you in building the trust and credibility your service aims for. Experts at Spark Dental marketing assure you to target and attract more customers than ever before using the testimonials you provide them with. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for effortless marketing solutions to all your problems and make you smile the way your dental practice aims to make everybody smile.

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