A Google Business Listing: What Is It?
Google has made it easy for patients to discover the information they’re seeking when they look for you online without ever visiting your practice website. A Google My Business (Google My Business) listing is a business listing that appears on Google whenever a local search is done. It is one of the best free tools for marketing available today.

According to Google, Google My Business is as follows:
Businesses and organizations may handle their online presence across Google, which includes Search and Maps, with the help of Google My Business, a free and simple-to-use service. You can validate your business and update your business details to help clients find you and share your story.

You must optimize Google My Business to make the most of it as a potent SEO strategy that makes it possible for your information to appear even more frequently in Search. Practices with optimized Google My Business listings receive seven times the number of clicks and are 2.7 times more inclined to be thought of as reliable.

Sort Your Business Description by Category
True to form, there are as many different dental procedures as there are varieties of flowers. Therefore, it’s crucial that you correctly classify the kinds of dental treatments you offer.

Google has a number of category descriptions for dentists, including:

Dentistry for children
Emergency Dentistry Services
dental hygiene
tooth lab
aesthetic dentist
dental practice
surgical oralist
dental assistant
service for whitened teeth
dental college
dental products
Agency for dental insurance

Of fact, many of these services are likely offered by your office, and this optimization lets you choose a maximum of three categories to include in your Google My Business profile. To get accurate Google search results, pick whichever is most significant as your primary, though.

Post news, announcements, and other things.
Remember to take advantage of the posting tools that come with your free listing while optimizing your Google business account. By deciding which category your article belongs in, you can further optimize it:

New Products
Each of them offers you additional free marketing chances and has its own special characteristics. Of course, you can simply decide to only add a fresh image or a marketing piece. Just bear in mind that there are character restrictions and particular content requirements you must abide by. A clear call-to-action (CTA) in your posts, however, makes this a feature you should frequently use.

Personalize Your Google My Business Profile
Maintaining a current and correct profile is the most basic yet important technique to optimize your Google My Business because it is the very first thing people see when inquiring about your practice on your Google My Business listing. Consistency in NAP (practice Name, Address, and Phone number) is what search engines are seeking. This entails checking that the name of your practice matches what is listed on your website, that your address and location are accurately posted, that your contact information is clear and clickable, and that the hours of operation are maintained up to date. One of the main ranking variables on Google is Google My Business, and inaccurate information may lower your search ranking. In order to continue making your listing more visible, DigAptics offers services that clear up any conflicting information.

Link your website’s home page and scheduling page to your Google My Business.
The majority of us are harried shoppers who look for what we need as soon as possible. As a result, it’s more likely that prospective patients will click through to your website rather than switch to a more practical and accessible practice website when you include links to your homepage and schedule page on the Google My Business listing.

Proper links inform Google of trustworthy, credible pages, which simplifies the search process for your patients. Google does local crawls and analyses a page’s content as well as the legitimacy of the external connections it contains. The relevant data on your homepage—such as the city and the services you offer—helps the Google algorithm choose your pages for searches and ranking.

Include Each and Every Relevant Category
Picking the Primary Category for your Google My Business listing is a straightforward yet effective step in the Google My Business optimization process. Subcategories are important since they affect how your listing appears in local searches, but your listing only shows results from the Primary Category. The best strategy to choose the ideal category for your listing on Google My Business is to find the categories of your competitors. Our DigAptics SEO consultants have the resources to find the optimal categories for your practice’s ranking and can test several strategies.

Add Colourful Images
The significance of providing compelling visuals is clear given that 90 percent of all information is processed visually. Which images are most effective in converting online surfers into clients? Google advises that you provide a minimum of three exterior shots, three inside photos, as well as pictures of your dentist and staff. You may also upload videos of your office tour and business logo here.

Update Every Attribute That Is Available
The provision of all the data a prospective patient needs to choose your practice is essential at every stage of Google My Business listing optimization. Another approach to do this is by marking all pertinent attributes so that you appear in every relevant search. Take advantage of the appropriate qualities that will make your practice stand up as local searches focus on particular inquiries. Your listing will perform better and have a higher chance of being found by your ideal patients if it is more descriptive.

Make a Strong Description
Your business description, which serves as one of the very first things potential patients see, is displayed prominently next to your profile. You only have 750 characters to introduce yourself to potential patients and explain how you can help them (250 of which are displayed without needing to be clicked). Only a few sentences are visible out of that whole. Make every word matter!

When writing your description, make sure to include crucial details like your city as well as keywords that demonstrate to Google what you want to rank for. Here, you can highlight the distinctive qualities that set your practice apart from the competitors. Visit Google’s instructions on writing business descriptions for more advice.

React to evaluations.
One of the most crucial components of your Google My Business listing is the reviews, which 87% of shoppers check online. Reviews submitted by clients are immediately accessible to those looking for you on your listing. Therefore, it’s crucial to actively watch them and reply to them, especially to the positive ones.

Making it simple for patients to provide evaluations is essential for ensuring that you receive them regularly. With the aid of our DigAptics professionals’ efficient reputation management solutions, you can stay on top of the entire process.

You’re prepared to improve your Google My Business listing, right?
Optimize your GMB listing to strengthen your local search strategy. Additionally, it’s critical to periodically optimize your listing because anyone may access it and make changes. Allow us to consistently optimize your Google My Business for you if you’re overly consumed doing what you love—taking care of your patients. Get in touch with a DigAptics expert right away!

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