According to research conducted in America, 65% of people in America opted for a dentist last year. This means the other 35% are not targeted which could be a great loss for your dental practice. A common question arises in our head after hearing this, what is the best way to target the rest 35% of these adults? We live in a digital era where everything has been made easy for us. Technology has made everything available at our fingertips. From shopping for international brands to shopping for your groceries everything is available online. Therefore, the fastest and easiest way to target potential patients is by your dental practice’s online visibility. Let’s assume you own a dental practice offering top-notch dental solutions and care to your patients but when it comes to your online visibility negligible work could be seen or your website is not that user-friendly. This would impact your practice a lot as alone offering quality dental practice is not enough when you aim for a strong presence on the internet.

The following are the reasons why user-friendly navigation for your dental website design is crucial.

Less buffering time:
Ever gotten tired of a website and closed it just because it takes ages to load every time you open it? Well, what if we tell you that could be your dental website if you do not optimize it well? The first and foremost reason why you should have a user-friendly website is because of how successful it would become if it took milliseconds to load. This would help in drawing more patients apart from improving and enhancing your search engine ranking and visibility. It has been proven that 40% of visitors tend to leave a website getting frustrated if it takes more than two to three seconds to load. We’re sure you don’t want any patient to leave that way since spreading smiles is your ultimate goal.

One great advantage of owning a user-friendly website for your practice is how easy it is to access it through any device and if you haven’t optimized your dental website in the past few years you are at risk! Yes! You heard it right. Living in 2009,2010 we’d still ask you to relax but living in the digital age you’re missing out on a lot of patience as your website would only be optimized for PCs and laptops. Phones are used more than ever in today’s age this is because of how compatible they are. Moreover, according to research, it has been proven that 60% of online searches are made through mobile devices. We all know that mobile optimization is a proper method by which one can make their dental practice’s website user-friendly on the smartphone. This is because mobiles have different navigation options and have an overall different layout than desktops or laptops.

Easier navigation:
When new and occasional visitors visit your website they’re looking for two to three important features that would assist them in scheduling an appointment, services you offer, or something like that. When you have a user-friendly website all these processes are made easy and hassle free. A visitor would easily be able to access all the information that he requires and would also trust you as the website would speak for itself. No one can suggest a better way to make your website user-friendly than us so we would suggest you make an easy-to-follow menu that would assist visitors by landing to significant pages. Navigation plays a very crucial role, if a patient wants to find your contact number and fails to find it by scrolling through your website or looking for it for a few seconds there’s a greater chance of the patient getting frustrated and visiting other dental practices.

Most likely, you’ve got a few primary objectives that you have in mind for your website: obtaining new leads, retaining both new as well as returning patients, and giving important details about your clinic. You have two resources at your service to help you achieve these goals along with straightforward navigation. Calls to action, or CTAs, and internal links are such tools. Wondering the best way to incorporate these resources into your website for best results? Well, you could add them to your blogs for visitors to directly land on your website or relevant pages. In addition to this make effective use of CTA’s by encouraging users to take the next step and schedule an appointment with you.

Building Credibility:
Have you ever found a dental practice that turned out to not be reliable? Your answer would probably not be yes. Always remember that your first impression is your last impression i.e. when a visitor visits your website it speaks almost everything about your practice and what you offer to your patients. In other words, your website is an important aspect of building your trust and connection with your patient. A good website that is optimized well is user-friendly and delivers a seamless and robust experience shows that you take your work seriously and that you’re an expert in your field. Additionally incorporating video or text testimonials and before or after pictures would also help in making your website user-friendly and trustworthy.

A Dentist’s User-Friendly Website Can Help Them Obtain More Patients:
How can you update your dated website to make it more user-friendly so that you can attract more dental patients? Fortunately, it’s not necessary to turn into a website developer overnight.
Spark Dental Marketing takes pride in supporting orthodontists and dentists in their efforts to treat more people in the community. Get in touch with us to learn more about how our marketing and web design services might benefit you.

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