Having an online dental presence is important but it’s not the only consideration, there are a lot of other aspects that you should also contemplate such as what makes your practice unique or what specialty it offers that would prompt patients to reach out to you first when it comes to oral health would be to schedule an appointment with you. What is your unique value proposition? With a clear UVP in mind, your content writing for oral health specialists would stand out from your competitors. Consider the following three steps when looking for a content writer for your dental practice.

Know your target audience:
Target audience refers to the people to whom you’re concerned with offering your dental practice. It’s important for a dental practice to have a connection with patients ensuring they feel at home and return each time they face an issue. This connection could be built by understanding what aspects hold value for them? Getting a root canal or similar solutions would be a nightmare for the patients since they’re already freaked out. Your concern should be would this fear be reduced if they’re introduced to a comfortable and homely environment dental practice? Absolutely yes! Getting to know more about your patient’s needs and requirements based on the location you reside in such as the age group that visits you the most or gender would assist you in defining or redefining your UVP.

Know what differentiates your practice:
Once you’re completely done with gathering relevant information regarding your target audience, the next step is to understand what makes you stand out from other dental practices in town. It could be that you’re more welcoming to kids than other oral care practices or that your years of experience are more than theirs. These are all factors to consider that would affect and enhance your oral health content writing.

Flaunt your qualities:
Now that you’ve successfully figured out what makes you different from other dental practices it’s time to tell people about it. In order to accomplish this you may use bold letters or big fonts on your website. Taking help from the best proven techniques of content writing dental practices can highlight their UVP which would be visible to patients as soon as they open the URL.

Successful brands: take a look at Manchester Advanced Dental which makes use of this approach and delivers a beautiful website. By looking at the picture of a happy, smiling dentist, patients are immediately drawn towards them as it accentuates the idea of genuine empathy for visitors.

Disregarding mobile optimization is a big no!:
If you haven’t optimized your dental website in the past few years you are at risk! Yes! You heard it right. Living in 2009,2010 we’d still ask you to relax but living in the digital age you’re missing out on a lot of patience as your website would only be optimized for PCs and laptops.
A study conducted in 2018 by Forbes shows:
1. 77% of the population of America makes use of mobile devices.
2. One out of every five Americans make use of browsers to search for information on their phones and barely have a stable internet connection with their laptops nearby.
3. 57% of traffic comes through smartphones and tablets.
4. This traffic is expected to grow by four times in the upcoming years.

Phones are used more than ever in today’s age because of how compatible they are. Moreover, according to research, it has been proven that 60% of online searches are made through mobile devices. We all know that mobile optimization is a proper method by which one can make their dental practice’s website user-friendly on the smartphone. This is because mobiles have different navigation options and have an overall different layout than desktops or laptops. When new and occasional visitors visit your website they’re looking for two to three important features that would assist them in scheduling an appointment, services you offer, or something like that. When you have a user-friendly website all these processes are made easy and hassle free. A visitor would easily be able to access all the information that he requires and would also trust you as the website would speak for itself.

Successful Brands: Take a look at Aesthetica Contemporary Dentistry’s website to see how they have taken advantage of this approach to draw in more patients.

Do make effective use of photography:
When you use pictures from the web or sources like Pinterest or clip art they don’t look as appealing as the real dental product or dental offer you’re featuring would look. Businesses make use of free images which ruins this more as relying on those free images would sometimes compress and ruin the overall quality of these images. When you post actual images of your team, their testimonials, your solutions to oral health issues, and much more it helps in building trust and connection with the visitors on your website. The use of blurry images or low-quality images from a camera that has low-quality results would put your business at risk even if you offer quality services. Therefore, we recommend hiring a photographer who is skilled at taking pictures in the best lighting from the best angles and posting them on your social media or website. Apart from this incorporating simple designs in your content marketing would be very helpful. Make use of free design templates and incorporate your text into that with bold headings. This way it would be easier for visitors to read your content rather than long detailed paragraphs.

Successful Brands: Silberman Dental Group is an example. Their team picture posted on the website helps to build credibility.

Keep Dental Web Content From Stagnating:
Many dental practices think that creating a website is a one-time project and once it’s done it’s time to lay your hands off that. If you think so let us assure you that you’re absolutely wrong! The disadvantages of not updating your website over and over again would bring about so much destruction to your business that you’d be completely stunned as to what has gone wrong. No one can suggest a better way to keep your website away from stagnating so we’d suggest you frequently update and advertise your dentistry website as this would help readers trust you more and improve the practice’s search engine ranking, which means that more individuals can discover you and be able to get in touch with you online.

Keep up with the most recent advances in optimization for search engines’ best practices as well as the latest developments in marketing through content for dentists. A lot of dentists discover that establishing a blog makes it easier for them to update their website with current dental information. Hiring a dental blog writer not only makes you seem more knowledgeable about dentistry but also makes your website stickier, which encourages visitors to return and share your content with their social media networks.

Successful Brands: Dentist Lawrence Spindel of New York City is a prime example of effective dental blogging. His Question Dr. Spindel blog has been up and running for over a decade, with multiple new postings each month, answering frequently asked questions from patients and offering other relevant information.

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